Blockchain services for the construction industry and Internet of Things (IoT)

What is BlockSense?

BlockSense is a databank that will provide autonomous data encoding from SMART sensing technologies on the SENSE blockchain. Aimed to enhance services within the construction industry, engineering solutions powered by blockchain technology will provide an innovative approach to engineering data management.

  • Smart Sensors - IOT

  • Structural Health Monitoring

  • Digital Construction

  • Sustainability

  • Open Platform

Smart Sensors – IOT

Automated data logging in real time is a modern day necessity. Active processing of data available to an engineer, creates a well-informed perspective. The act of sensing, communicating through connectivity, storing data and accessing it formulates a concept known as SMART sensing. Connectivity of these embedded devices are known as the Internet things (IoT).

Structure Health Monitoring

Structural health monitoring (SHM) is a system designed to monitor building structures during their life of service and operation. Monitoring the structures allows for early degradation detection which gives time for advanced planning and solution methods to be implemented in an effective manner before severe damage manifestation.

Digital Construction

Smart infrastructures are the future of the world with SHM systems being developed and implemented in new and existing assets.


Low powered sensing solutions across a secure decentralized network will create a monitoring system that goes beyond current SHM limitations and strives for sustainable development practices.

Open Platform

BlockSense brings live analysis, publications and collaboration of databanks to form an innovative unified network of data and knowledge.

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